Friday, June 25, 2010

Start Up!!

Hmm...Right now I am wondering what is wrong with me. I am so lazy!!! I hate that I have not been motivated but truly believe that this could be just the motivation that is needed for my new life.

I need to lose the rest of the baby weight and tone up this out of shape body. A long time ago I bought the slim in six workout system and I have never stuck to it. I mean it is only a total of 30 work outs in 6 weeks....why is this so hard for me to do??

Well today is a new day. I am going to work on getting started and toning up today!! I am going to make myself a calander for the six weeks and really push myself to actually complete something...this specific something that will help me achieve my simple goal of my prebaby weight. :) Do you think that I can do it?? I sure hope so!

Come along with me on my journey and if you are working on losing weight, well share your journey with me.

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